Fum’s petition in top 10

Aug 292006
Authors: Brandon Lowrey

An online petition to revive the Fum’s Song video tradition at CSU football games ranked among the top 10 most popular on an international Web site Tuesday.

An eruption of support wedged “Bring Back Fum’s Song” between a call for the creation of a National Firefighter’s Day and a demand for knowledge about three captured Israeli soldiers on www.petitiononline.com.

The Fum petition, in the No. 8 spot, boasted nearly 1,000 signatures Tuesday evening, a day after its creation. It was growing rapidly.

Meanwhile on www.facebook.com, CSU star running back Kyle Bell’s group – “They banned ‘Fum’s Song’ at football games.screw it we’ll sing it anyway” – grew to include more than 1,800 students.

Felicia Bergman, a sophomore open-option major, used the group to advertise a batch of shirts she ordered. They read “FUM YOU” on the front and bear Fum’s Song lyrics on the back.

The shirts, at $15 each, won’t fetch her any profit, she said. She hopes to simply break even.

Her not-for-profit venture wasn’t launched out of any protest against the university.

“As far as I’m concerned, I totally know where the university is coming from,” Bergman said. “A lot of people are upset about it, and I’m not trying to cash in on it. I’m just trying to make it fun.”

So far, she has ordered 90 shirts, of which she’s sold 60. She’ll be collecting the cash and handing out the green T-shirts on Thursday from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Starbucks on the corner of College Avenue and Laurel Street.

On the PetitionOnline Web site, signatures were accompanied by messages praising Fum McGraw, denouncing administrators and poking fun at the university. The site is free and does not delve into the identities of those who sign. However, no more than one signature can be associated to an e-mail address.

The petition states: “We are opposed to the recent decision, made by the President of Colorado State University, to no longer play ‘Fum’s Song’ on the Jumbo-tron during home football games. We believe the playing of Fum’s Song last year was starting to build a fun tradition for CSU, and we are certain that those of us who want the tradition to continue far outnumber those who don’t.”

Fum’s Song’s lyrics follow the message.

President Larry Penley did not make the decision, spokesmen for the university and the athletic department said.

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