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Aug 292006
Authors: Hilary Davis The Rocky Mountain Collegian

You might not use everything you learned in high school, but in college sometimes things come up that you never thought you’d need to know. Things such as how to stay up all night before a test, or how to construct a sled made entirely of Popsicle sticks, or how to decorate a room without using Abercrombie shopping bags. But don’t worry because decorating a room is easy. How about decorating a room on a budget, though? Not so easy. By following the Collegian’s easy tips, a residence hall room redo in under $200 can be a reality. And that’s knowledge every college student can use.

1 Bookshelf + Five-shelf bookcase with adjustable shelves



*Keep video games and DVDs off the floor by designating a shelf for them.

1 Desk Chair + Wheeled office chair

Arc Thrift Stores


*Make sure the wheels on the chair will work

on carpeted surfaces in residence hall rooms.

1 Lamp + Desk lamp with organizer



*Protect the eyes from strain by periodically looking away from bright desk lighting and computer monitors.

1 Poster + Get a poster from a favorite movie


*Frame or laminate posters to prevent tearing and fading.

1 Desk + Four-drawer wooden desk

Arc Thrift Stores


*Secondhand furniture is cheaper to buy than new, and it’s easy to refinish by sanding and repainting.

1 Rug + Area rugs in assorted colors

T.J. Maxx


*With an area rug on the floor, vacuuming won’t happen as often. Just shake it out when Mom and Dad come to visit.

1 Duvet + Twin sateen duvets in assorted colors

Bed Bath and Beyond


*Duvet covers are easy to remove and wash, especially after the first time getting sick away from home.

1 Set of lights + Indoor Christmas lights



*String up lights around the room for less harsh light. Christmas lights are seasonal, but usually go on sale in October.

————————————————————- = $174.93

All prices and item availability were correct upon submission of this article.

Item selection may vary in stores such as T.J Maxx and Arc Thrift Stores.

Taxes will apply.

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