Ram Talk

Aug 282006

I’m so infuriated that all the people whining in CSU Ramtalk are forcing me to whine about THEM! It makes me so mad I’m blinded to my own hypocrisy!! Where are all the funny people? Because I’m surely not one of them!!

Guy #1: WHAT??? They can’t play that Fum McGraw song on the big screen at the Colorado State football games. I guess it’s just too offensive!

Guy #2: (putting hand on Guy #1’s shoulder) There’s nothing you can do, man.

Guy #1: Well, looks like my only option now is to develop a sense of humor.

Does anyone else think that CSU got wasted and decided to steal the chairs and tables from Chipotle to put them by Clark A?? Welcome to the club CSU, welcome to the club!

So apparently there’s another hurricane bearing down on New Orleans. Since they obviously didn’t make this clear enough last time, let’s keep it simple: RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!

Have the plans been drafted for the underground parking garage that will solve all of our parking problems?

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