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Aug 282006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Ever heard the phrase, “it seemed like a good idea at the time?”

We’re pretty sure that in some CSU office, under the headachy glow of fluorescent lights, some official-type has been repeating that all day. Or should be.

The axing of Fum’s Song was mundane, routine and old news. And it was apparently done without much ceremony.

According to a form letter written by Gary Ozzello to complainers, every year athletic department officials look over the game-time videos and decide what worked – and what didn’t.

This year, Fum didn’t make the cut.

But so far, no one has accepted responsibility for the decision, nor offered recourse for the thousands of students who disagree. It was simply a “business decision.”

Simple mistake on our part, maybe. We weren’t aware that appeasing the humorless was part of the CSU athletic department’s business mission. In our naivety, we thought it was to build school spirit, unity between alumni and students and keep our school on the national radar.

CSU President Larry Penley learned of the death of this would-be tradition in the Collegian Monday morning, his spokesman told us. Ozzello’s letter states that Penley did not make the decision.

We believe him. So who did the deciding?

We don’t expect someone to step forward and apologize. But lots of people are unhappy.

The president of the CSU Alumni Association feels violated. Thousands of students are up in arms.

We’re not looking for a scapegoat, but the Collegian demands that this ridiculous wrong is righted.

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