Aug 282006

The cipher – it’s one of the simplest and longest tenured parts of hip-hop, with emcees in a circle spouting lyrics and beats off the top of their heads. From a distance, it may look like the beginning of an after-school fight. Move closer and witness an artistic expression as old as hip-hop itself. The talented artists kick impromptu rhymes and beats, and the fans move with the flow.

“I started to write songs because I wanted to make stuff that I wanted to hear,” said Josh Price, aka emcee Evolution. “I got sick of the radio. All this jewelry rap and stuff with no affiliation to hip-hop.”

Hip-hop and Fort Collins may seem like antonyms, but read Kyle Garratt’s article in College Avenue to find out why they go together better than you may think. Volume 2, Issue 1 of College Avenue, CSU’s first and only student-run magazine, hits racks on August 30.

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