Ram Talk

Aug 272006

President Penley decided there will be no more FUM SONG played after the third quarter of football games. Thanks for cutting one of the better traditions at CSU. Will Homecoming be cut next?

Another scene eerily similar to “Dead Rising,” the flocks of freshmen wandering the streets on Friday nights. You can almost hear them saying “Paaaaaarrrttttyyyy” as you drive by.

I think I’m in love with Topanga. I’m not sure Corey knows what he has…

I find it has become a very exciting game of cat and mouse, trying to dodge all the strangely leading surveys held in the Plaza last week.

The big statue outside the Chemistry Building really needs a name. How about “Pierced heart of the terydactyl”?

I remember when Ram Talk was funny, now all that is posted in the column is from a bunch of whiners. I read Ram Talk to laugh, not get pissed off at people who are mad about things they can’t do anything about.

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