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Aug 272006
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff


They are passed on through the ages. They connect us through time and place. They can change, but a little piece of them will last forever.

CSU should not abolish its traditional sports anthem, “Fum’s Song.”

So what if our fight song isn’t nice? Is it nice when a wide receiver lays out for a ball and gets worked by a defensive linebacker? Sports aren’t nice. They are about determination, domination and making the other team go home crying.

Watching sports without rivalry and trash talking is like eating cream filling without the two Oreos on the side. Sure, the cream filling is what you are really after, but it needs those two chocolate wafers on the sides to complete the circle of tasty goodness.

Our academic arms can still cooperate and collaborate, but when it comes to athletics, pride is essential.

Regardless of what CSU endorses, fans will still chant “dirty hippies,” “buck the cowboys” and worse when our opponents come to town – the song is really the nicest thing fans say about our opponents.

Plus, what is our new fight song going to be? Changing the words to be less offensive would fail. “C.C. for men who are in touch with their feminine side” doesn’t have quite the same ring as “C.C. for your sissy boys.”

At the football game this Saturday, the scoreboard will not display the words to “Fum’s Song,” but that doesn’t mean the fans can’t join in joyful chorus. If you are proud to be a CSU Ram, that means you are proud of CSU’s traditions. So we encourage you to sing “Fum’s Song” to rejuvenate our team between the third and fourth quarters of Saturday’s game at Hughes. The game starts at 3 p.m., so come and watch the Rams clobber those Weber State Pussycats. Ahem, we mean Wildcats.

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