Cup Lost, Fun Had

Aug 272006
Authors: KEVIN JOHNSON The Rocky Mountain Collegian

DENVER – Don and Jo Ostwald attended CSU in the 1950s and have been green and gold ever since.

Their loyalty led them and several other Ram alumni to Coors Field Friday night, where they hoped to win this year’s Ramsker Cup – an annual honor given to the university that sells the most tickets to the Colorado Rockies Alumni Challenge.

Last year, CSU took the cup.

This year, however, the second deck overlooking right field – section 205 of Coors Field – was a sea of red.

The University of Nebraska sold 225 tickets while CSU came in second with 145.

But the night wasn’t about competition. Not for the Ostwalds, at least. It wasn’t even about the Rockies taking on the San Diego Padres – that was just the backdrop.

Instead, the CSU alumni reminisced about the days they roamed the university.

“I helped paint the ‘A’,” said Jo Ostwald, a 1958 graduate. “That was part of freshmen hazing, I guess. But we didn’t call it that.”

Freshmen rights, it seems, have come a long way since those days.

“We had green beanies with orange buttons,” said Don Ostwald, a 1957 graduate. “And when we saw upperclassmen they would say, ‘button frosh’ and you had to touch the button and say, ‘beat Wyoming’ or whoever we were playing that week.”

Don was from Fort Morgan and Jo was from Sterling, but none of that mattered.

“Back in those days we were bitter rivals, but you go to CSU and it kind of disappears,” she said, smiling at her husband like a love-struck college girl.

In typical fashion, and as anyone who has ever been to a tailgater at Sonny Lubick Field at Hughes Stadium can attest to, Rams fans were partying until the last possible second before rushing to Friday’s game.

The scene was The Whiskey Bar, managed by 1998 alumnus Cory Schwab, in downtown Denver on the Corner of 22nd and Larimer streets.

Rams of all ages dominated the bar, drinking, laughing, eating and catching up.

Inside the old-West, saloon-style watering hole, a herd of Rams had gathered for hotdogs, cocktails and conversation, and Schwab couldn’t have been happier.

“I love it,” he said. “I wish it was like this every weekend.

Around the middle of the 2nd inning, the last of the Whiskey Bar crowd had made its way to the seats. And while the Nebraskans watched the game the way one watches corn grow, the CSU side continued in merry revelry, enjoying a perfect night at the ballpark with 140-some of their closest friends.

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Tickets sold for the Colorado Rockies Alumni Challenge:

Nebraska- 225

Colorado State-145

Texas- 40

Texas A&M- 30

Iowa State- 25

Colorado- 27

Missouri- 27

Kansas State- 22

Virginia Tech- 50

Michigan State- 40

Syracuse- 22

Notre Dame- 35

Tulane- 25

West Virginia- 41

Dayton- 25

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