May 072006

The Constitution of the United States most not be amended to allow discrimination of our gay-born children. To do this is to criminalize the most beautiful document that our founding fathers created. “Freedom and equality for all citizens of the United States.”

We parents and relatives of our gay children have sat in silence with our hearts bleeding as we see our children being harassed, persecuted, killed, injured and discriminated because they had the misfortune of being born sexually different.

We have seen the agony our children have gone through since they were in elementary school, when their different mannerisms became obvious to their classmates and adults, and they became victims of harassment as a result. We have witnessed the agony of our gay children wanting to be sexually normal, and have seen their pain when they face reality in adolescent years. Some committing suicide, others faking being straight to avoid harassment and discrimination, trying to change into being of a sex that belongs only in their physical bodies but not in their inner self, suffering silently at their futile attempts.

It is with great sadness that we see some people using the name of God to promote bigotry, hate, and discrimination toward our gay children. Millions of children were born, are being born and will be born sexually different. It can happen in any family and we do not have a choice.

We do no know why our children are gay. Whether it is genetic, hormonal, or whether something occurs during a critical time of fetal development, we do not know. What we mothers can only tell you with absolute certainty is that it is born.

If God did not want the existence of homosexuality he would not have created it. The fact is, it is in every sector of society, in all professions and trades. It is even in the animal kingdom.

Homosexuals, like all human beings, need companionship. They have the right to marry and live a happy life of equality, respect and love as any other citizen.

Marina Vasquez

mother of a gay son

Brentwood, Calif.

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