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Apr 262006

I’m just wondering why it seems like all the wicked hot girls are in my C103 class, the easiest science class at CSU. I don’t really care why, but I’m afraid if I get smarter, my classes might get more ugly. And I better take advantage of it now because before I know it, I’m gonna be 40 and have to pay for these kinds of girls.

Does anyone understand why “Sweet Home Alabama” is the theme song on the Kentucky Fried Chicken commercial? Hmmm….

Did you notice that when the steam pipe burst, the entire campus reeked of fish? I guess we know how the lagoon goldfish story ended now. Rest in peace, little gold buddies.

What I’ll remember about my last semester at CSU: Construction, everywhere…

On my walk down to Pizza Casbah the other day with Phoenix, the dog, I got yelled at three times by cars passing by. Not obscenities toward me, but instead cheers such as “Yeah, Phoenix” and what not. Nice to know a Saint Bernard is more popular than I’ll ever be on this campus.

To the person who gives out tickets in the library parking lot: You can stop trying to impress me. I know you’re good at your job. Seriously, I hate you.

So I searched Google Images the other day for “ELISA” to find a picture for a science class presentation. Turns out there are lots of naked girls named ELISA that are definitely not holding anything that has to do with science.

To the guy that hates big sunglasses: Girls don’t wear them to turn YOU on, they wear them to impress other girls with their fashion sense. The things girls wear that you find impractical are all a ploy to get compliments from other girls.

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