Solution is adoption

Mar 222006

The article on the abortion ban in South Dakota had nothing to do with the title. Nowhere in the article did Kate Dzintars ever state a case of how the abortion ban endangers a woman’s personal freedoms. She just spewed another anti-infant rant that feminists and Planned Parenthood have pushed on us as truth. By completely discounting the right the infant has to life, she gives us her points. If a woman is raped, impregnated by her father, mentally handicapped or financially unstable, she should have the option to kill her child.

Allow me to quote the author, “Why should she have to suffer the consequences of someone else’s heinous actions?” I will take it out of context and replace her with the infant. Where do we have the right to impose the heinous actions of others on our unborn children? It would be unthinkable to take all the children away from a single mother on welfare and sentence them to death with only a doctor’s note.

There is a simple solution to any of the above scenarios that Kate mentions: Adoption. Why not give the child a chance at life, even if he or she doesn’t get the best foot to start off on? The answer to that question is also simple, but kept very quiet. Women don’t want to be inconvenienced by carrying the child to term. All the other excuses are just that, excuses.

Eric Versluys


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