Condoning of violence?

Mar 052006

The recent OPINION of the Collegian concerning the misunderstanding of Islam is a little disturbing. I would agree that most Americans or Westerners don't understand the Islam Religion.

However, the Collegian editorial board has apparently given the go-ahead to proceed to violence if your feelings are hurt. I will more than likely attend the informational meeting about Islam; however my level of understanding will not change my feelings that violence is not the answer.

It's not just my feelings either, it is more of an ethical view (the view that bombing someone for making fun of you is bad). I am not one to judge quickly, but what is one to think when violent protests turning fatal are the result of being at the poor end of a comic strip joke?

The violence that ensued almost certainly sinks the protestors farther into a stereotypical hole that almost proves the point of one or more of the comics. I wish we didn't live in a world where stereotypes were blatant, but we do.

I just ask that the Collegian be a little more careful about being so accepting of such violent acts. I also find it ironic that our media is so quick to discredit the major religion in this country, yet so eager to defend that of another. However, that is a whole topic for a different letter.


Tyler Blackwelder


Business Administration

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