Feb 272006

The U.S. government supposedly had a major intelligence failure regarding the attacks on Sept. 11, 2001. But there are many facts that strongly contradict this. I will list a few of them, so you may decide for yourself.

The National Security Agency intercepted two messages on the eve of 9/11 that read, "The match is about to begin," and "Tomorrow is zero hour." But according to intelligence officials, they were not translated until Sept. 12.

On Sept. 10 a group of top Pentagon officials canceled their travel plans for the next morning. This was apparently because of security concerns.

In July, Osama Bin Laden was being treated for kidney problems in the American Hospital in Dubai. During this time he met with a CIA agent.

David Schippers, the chief prosecutor of the Clinton impeachment trial, warned Attorney General Ashcroft about attacks planned for "lower Manhattan" six weeks before 9/11 based on information from FBI agents.

The government may not have just had prior knowledge to 9/11, but wanted the attacks to happen as well. It is standard procedure for the FAA to notify NORAD to scramble jets when an airplane is off course or may be hijacked. For example, when Payne Stewart's private jet went off course, fighter jets got to his plane in about 20 minutes.

The days after the tragic attacks, the airways were closed to all airplanes. But 140 Saudis, which include two dozen relatives of Osama Bin Laden were permitted to fly out of the United States. The U.S. government let them escape.


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