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Renewable energy: It's about time

Bush looks to renewable energy for wrong reasons

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It's about time that President Bush and his administration recognize the benefits of a science that has been growing in research and popularity over the years – renewable energy. Finally the federal government is making an attempt to promote such forms of energy that will not only help the environment, but also promote jobs in a variety of areas.

So what took him so long to come around when our country's dependence on foreign oil has been relatively stable for years? More than half, 60 percent, of the crude oil used in the U.S. currently comes from foreign nations.

It seems the president is now concerned about renewable energy because our country is losing popularity in many of the Middle Eastern countries from which we receive oil. In an article published on CNN.com on Monday, Bush said some of these foreign suppliers have "unstable" governments, creating a national security issue.

"We're held hostage for energy by foreign nations that may not like us," said Bush.

So Bush, who was a former oil man in Texas, is not supporting renewable energy because of its positive environmental effects, but because he doesn't want the U.S. to depend on foreign governments that don't like us.

Well, this may not be the most politically correct reason for making a move toward renewable energy, but at least it's a start.

Now that Bush has talked the talk, he needs to follow-up on his proposal to increase renewable energy to 75 percent.

What he calls "startling" technological breakthroughs have actually been being developed for years. The president was just too involved in crusading for oil in the Middle East to notice.

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