Ram Talk

Feb 142006

Does everyone know how cyclists have the last laugh? We get around campus way faster, coast by while you are filling up at the $$ pumps, don't have to pay for parking or spend hours looking for a spot, get a workout not at the gym, have the occasional crash to tell our buddies about (scars are cool), don't stink like diesel, I could go on and on. Come on people, use your brains – you ARE college students, kind of.

Wouldn't it be cool if there were skateboarding policeman to catch illegal skateboarders?

I just want to say crosswords are a waste of time and should not even be in the paper because they are consuming my friend's entire life and now he has a B in Spanish 1.

I think the LSC should host a fish fry in honor of all the resilient fish still alive in the lagoon. Obviously we would fry the lagoon fish, nobody wants to see them go to waste.

Dick Cheney shot one of his friends in the face. How gangsta is that?

Look, some people can do crosswords and some people can recite MST3K. The point is you are all losers unless you play a sport. Oh, one more thing, driving a car and Frisbee are not sports.

So I heard PETA came out with a study that said hunters have small um…units. Just something to think about. Oh by the way, ladies, I am a non-hunter.

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