Train of Thought

Jan 192006
Authors: Nnamdi Ohaeri

Just when you thought the train was coming off of the tracks…

For those who made it out to San Diego in support of your Rams for the inaugural Poinsettia Bowl Game, we, the football team, thank you. Bowl week was a lot of fun for myself and the rest of the team. It allowed for those not from California to experience what I've lived in for 21 years – sunny So Cal. We flooded the streets and malls of downtown San Diego, spending our per diem like mad men. While enjoying our time in town we did not forget the real reason we were there, which was to get a win. But as in other things in life, things did not go according to plan. We lost, and that sour taste will remain in our mouths for eight months. But it shall make us hungry.

6-6. The record of the Rams this year. Although it was an average season it was an improvement on the 2004-05 mark of 4-7. But we shall not be content, and as cliche as it may sound, we will work hard in the off-season to prepare for better days during the 2006-07 campaign.

I have to say that I enjoyed commenting on my experiences throughout the season. Transferring from UCLA to Colorado State University was a big change socially, and academically it was just as challenging.

Randomly speaking before I go: Be a diplomat (That's for you Radford).

I hoped you all enjoyed the Train of Thought, because now, the train is officially off the tracks.

Until probably never again…but still advocating…


Nnamdi Ohaeri

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