It’s about time

Dec 082005
Authors: Brett Okamoto

The allegations whirling around the University of Colorado football program and its head coach, Gary Barnett, have become pretty much an annual thing the last few years.

This time however, one thing changed. The program actually pulled its head out of its pads and forced Barnett to resign.

I was wondering how long CU would put up with being in the headlines for all the wrong reasons year after year. If you ask me, Barnett should have done the classy thing and stepped down on his own long before this. Each year he has been able to convince America that he is completely incapable of coaching and running a respectable program.

Let's just take a look at the last few years, shall we?

There was the recruiting scandal, the following investigations and the inevitable excuses to the dug-up dirt. Investigators found that, while it was "not condoned by school officials," recruits were being treated to sex, drugs and alcohol in an effort to be persuaded to play.

Then there were multiple rape allegations against enrolled and former CU players, to which Barnett usually took a "blame the victim" stance and showed little to no remorse or disciplinary actions.

And of course there was the Katie Hnida incident, a female who played on the team as a placekicker – the first female to ever play Divison-I football. When she also claimed that she had been raped while a member of the program, Barnett responded by criticizing her.

"Well, Katie was a girl, and not only was she a girl, she was terrible," Barnett said in an interview on CNN.

During this time, the university has seen its president, chancellor and athletic director all resign, mostly due to the scandals. Barnett, the person who should have shouldered the blame, remained.

Barnett is so removed from reality that he even said at the end of one of his nationally televised interviews, "I don't represent the University of Colorado, the athletic department or our football team."

Are you serious Gary? Who then, pray tell, do you represent? It'd be like me running through church – naked – covered in vegetable oil – while my parents watched and said, "That's our son, but he doesn't represent our family." Barnett is the face of that football program, and every mistake he made was a reflection on their mistake to keep him around.

Not to mention that CU put up with all this crap from a coach who hasn't even really been that good through all of this. Barnett's record is 49-38 after seven seasons at CU. That includes the last three games, probably the last of his career, which resulted in three losses by a combined score of 130-22. In waiting this long to fire Barnett, CU just told the country that it was willing to put up with rape and strippers, but not 70-3 blowouts to Texas.

Well, Gary was an idiot, and not only is he an idiot, he's finally out of a job too.

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