Front Page Waste

Dec 062005

Okay, I know AIDS is a big problem, but there were a lot of important news stories that should have been on the front page of the paper last Thursday. Instead, the front page was a giant red ribbon with no descriptive text other than "World AIDS Day."

You are a news reporting publication – your responsibility is to report the news. There is no way I could have gone through the day without knowing it was World AIDS Day unless I was in a coma. It was all over the student center, on CNN… It's even on! Your job as reporters is to tell your audience more about things they might not know about or they need more information about. A giant red ribbon on the front page says nothing about the epidemic, the high concentration of infections in Southern Africa, the alarming rate of new infections in Russia, memorable World AIDS Days of years past, the London Summit of 1988, its promises or whether or not they're being kept today… I could go on.

I agree World AIDS Day is a front-page article, but there are no professional newspapers in this country that would publish something this uninformative on their front page.

Jimmy Bartlett


management major

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