Dec 042005
Authors: Ryan Skeels

Seeing as how there was only one flick released this weekend and Christmas music already bloodying our ears I figure I'll take advantage of the extra space and make a few suggestions to snuggle up to during one of these massive blizzards we've been having lately.

Gremlins – I know all I ever wanted to find under my Christmas tree growing up was my very own Mogwai. Nothing goes together better than hot apple cider and a night of cute little critter mayhem and Yule tide destruction, not to mention Corey Feldman at his best and a wheelchair bound Stephen Spielberg cameo.

Die Hard – There's no better time than Christmas Eve to unleash your best 'yippee kai yay mother f%#cker,' and spend a little time with John McClane. With his slashed up feet and Carl Winslow's reciting the ingredients of a Twinkies bar, there's a little bit of joy tucked away for any lucky soul looking for some work party inspiration.

Ghostbusters 2 – Now this may be the most epic Christmas flick in existence. This flick definitely makes it into the top five sequels ever made with Rick Moranis taking the gold for most awkward crush of all time.

Home Alone – There was a good amount of time in my childhood where people would quietly make comments to my parents about how I looked like Macaulay Culkin, and I'm pretty sure if further studies were done that period would coincide with the ridiculous amount of time I spent wanting to be like Kevin McCallister. I don't think I'm alone in saying this but man, what a smart little kid. This one never gets old, but if for some reason it does, switching over to 'Home Alone 2: Lost in New York' is always a good option.

Nightmare Before Christmas – This is definitely Tim Burton, stop animation, genius social commentary and limerick writing at its best. Lighting a fire in the hearth and sipping on a dark brew with just two of you may just be your idea of a great way to bring in the New Year.

Swiss Family Robinson – Now this may have been the most inspirational film to ever grace my infantile eyes. If I had the chance to abandon my life as I know it, never to return, and have to live on this deserted tropical paradise, I'd press the button in a second. How freakin kick ass would it be to build forts in the jungle and fend off pirates with homemade coconut bombs. Just don't forget to grab a piano for the dining room to play the carols on that magical night in December.

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