Nov 282005
Authors: Tyler Wittman

Before the break, I wrote an article that began to demonstrate the relationship between homosexuality and Christianity. I began by condemning the "God hates fags" campaign that certain churches and people subscribe to and then asserting homosexuality is a sin. The Bible is quite clear about this in Romans 1:26-27. I cautioned everyone to reserve judgment until I concluded my thoughts, which is what I intend to do here.

Many people would ask how homosexuality could possibly be a sin since it is something no one can help; they are born as such. The argument that homosexuality is indeed something genetic has not been proven conclusive. If anything, it has proven to be anything but a constant and studies seeking to prove the genetic theory have been widely scrutinized. There are also the legions of former homosexuals who have escaped the lifestyle with the help of therapy or spiritual guidance. It's not my intention to enter this debate, but merely to say that the "born that way" theory has not been proven.

Even if it were to be proven, aren't some people born with psychological disabilities or weaknesses? People who have a history of alcoholics in their family are wisely advised to stay away from alcohol. They are born with a susceptibility to alcohol that, for argument's sake, could be similar to the plight of someone struggling with homosexuality. It also doesn't help that doctors widely caution against the health risks associated with a homosexual lifestyle. It would be my contention that this is simply because the homosexual lifestyle flies in the face of what is natural.

With all this said, it is my intention to drive the point home that homosexuality is another in a long list of sins. We all have a score of sins that we are guilty of, all of which are equal in God's eyes. The consequences for these sins are vastly different, however. All sins have three types of consequences: the internal, external and eternal. From a Christian's point of view, the eternal ramification of sin is the same regardless of the nature of that sin. The internal consequence of sin begins with a guilty conscience that begs our attention. If we deny this guilt and bury it, we are eventually given over to a corrupted mind that rationalizes our wrongdoings. The external consequences of sin vary greatly. A lie could get you fired, killed, put in jail or simply slapped. Gluttony could cause heart disease; a homosexual lifestyle could develop serious health concerns, as could a sexually active lifestyle outside of marriage. So you see, the external consequences of sin vary depending upon the context and nature of the sin. Not all sins are equal in the eyes of men, but they are in the eyes of God.

It is because of this that we have people who would espouse, "God hates fags." In reality, Christ would treat homosexuals with the same type of love he would treat anyone with. We are all sinners, and homosexuals are hardly any different. This is why I hope you can recognize and distinguish hateful judgment from sincere, caring judgment. Regardless of your faith or creed, I hope you can see homosexuals as people. Do not misunderstand me though, I am not advocating for an acceptance or "tolerance" of the gay lifestyle. I believe anyone can be freed from a homosexual lifestyle if they seek the proper help and guidance. I believe the Bible is the truth and that is where I get these ideas. You may not agree with this, but the Bible doesn't require your approval of its veracity. Some of you would write me off as a raging lunatic, and so be it. Others of you may be disturbed on some level by what you read and that's because this is so much more than an opinion.

Tyler Wittman is a senior speech communication major. His column runs every Tuesday in the Collegian.

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