Stop the judgment

Nov 272005

There is always talk about certain groups who are unique. Let me tell you why judgment is stupid. If you were born with their DNA, and into their exact situation, you would be just like them today. Let me give you an alternative to judgment: caring, understanding and education.

We reserve the harshest judgment for ourselves. Take it easy on yourself, it's really NOT YOUR FAULT!! Talk to people or get help if you want to change. Others can often point out things we can't see. Hopefully they will do so in a way that seeks to understand the root causes. It is a time for honesty. It is a time to care.

Usually when we judge others, it is something in ourselves that we don't like. Think about that when you judge. Judgment is also a distraction from the truth. What are you comparing?

Judgment directly destroys our own enjoyment of life. It fills us with negative emotions, which some of us are addicted to. By not judging, we can begin to understand ourselves and others a great deal more. Not judging makes a world of difference. To reiterate, the opposite of judgment is caring, understanding and education.

Mike O'Brien

grad student

Biomedical engineering

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