Nov 142005

To the 20-year-old male looking for a female nanny that loves UNO, you've found your match. Look for a hot blonde in the Durward Penthouse!

Why is there such a shortage of good desks for left handed people? You know, ones that are not in the corner in the back row? I love being isolated because I write with a different hand.

You too? But when I fell out of my seat, I took the desk with me. I'm sure the

30 people in my class got a good laugh.

Could one of the makeup-sporting males around campus enlighten me as to why you're wearing eye shadow? I am just a puzzled girl who doesn't bother wearing makeup myself and even though yours is well applied and subtle, I can't quite understand why your testosterone allows you to put up with the cosmetics routine.

To the people who run the coffee stand in the NR Building: Let the guy with the red hair sell coffee more often, he makes the "coffee" a whole lot hotter!

I was walking out of Clark today when some football player bumped into me and knocked my bag over, saying 'Get out of my way!' Those football players are such jerks. Grow up; you're not in high school anymore.

Why don't women ski? There's no snow between the laundry room and the kitchen.

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