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Nov 062005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Non-traditional students make up nearly a third of the CSU student body. They're students aged 23 or older who manage multiple responsibilities while attending school, including jobs and family.

Many have had a break in their education. For others, it's their first time in college. Whatever the circumstance, they possibly bring with them more life experience and a different outlook on the material that we learn in class.

They may serve as role models for other students, showing that it is never too late to come back to school and gain an education, or more of one. Individual experiences can greatly enrich one's life in or outside of school.

Coming back to school, especially after being away for some time, might be difficult for some non-traditional students. However, the fact that they come back despite their possible discomfort shows the importance education holds for them.

National Non-Traditional Student Week takes place this week on campus with workshops, speakers and activities focusing on everything from time and financial management to research tips.

Resources are also available for non-traditional students through the Off-Campus Student Services/ Resources for Adult Learners Office or at the InfoToo desk downstairs in the Lory Student Center.

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