Oct 202005

As a loyal Collegian reader, I was highly disappointed with the incredible, inarticulate ignorance expressed in Tuesday's article, "Why are Americans so fat?"

Ms. Schulz makes several points in her article, but not one of them was backed up by actual supporting facts. When questioning why obesity is more prevalent in poverty stricken areas of the U.S. than starvation, she should look at what is affordable to those with little money.

Things like macaroni and cheese and ramen noodles tend to be a staple in the diets of those with little money, yet they provide a higher amount of calories, cholesterol, fat and sodium, not to mention that you can have an entire meal for less than $3 at any fast food establishment.

When it comes to lifestyle choices that our tax dollars are paying for, she blames "fat people" for being the only drain on healthcare. I personally find it ridiculous that my tax dollars pay for alcoholics that have to be put in detox, chain-smokers that get emphysema or lung cancer requiring hospitalization, and dare I say it, teens that become anorexic or bulimic because society (and irresponsible and judgmental media/ journalists like this) puts so much pressure on them to be perfect.

By starving themselves, they develop heart problems, spend years in therapy and have other medical complications that maybe I don't want my tax dollars going toward. Now, as for the article itself, I have to express my disappointment with the editors. This column reeked of a last minute article that wasn't even organized and looked more like a rough draft.

Maybe some brainstorming on better topics and better editing would help. I would seriously consider re-taking COCC150 or changing majors, because an article written this poorly would never be published in any journalistic publication on a higher level, and I'm actually embarrassed for the author.

Joanna Young


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