Responsibility, Not Blame

Oct 052005

Dear Marketing Andrea,

1) If you want to investigate times when the federal government has tried to usurp the constitutional authority of a state, I suggest you begin by looking into the Terri Schiavo tragedy and then go backward in time from there.

Now back to Katrina

2) I never said the "FEMA team" was incompetent. They have never had to face a disaster on the level of a class five hurricane.

3) I never said that Mayor Nagin shouldn't take any responsibility for what happened in his city. Busses need drivers and everyone was in a panic to leave the area and save their own families. They aren't trained professionals like our soldiers.

If you remember, my letter was in response to you playing the "blame game" and you trying to turn this national tragedy into a partisan political issue. Instead of endlessly repeating the radio media's latest slogan, I'm more interested in all of the people involved taking some responsibility for what happened, not "passing the blame." President Bush should take some of the responsibility for what happened and he has publicly done so. If you are implying that I don't want to help the people of New Orleans or help in the rebuilding process, then shame on you!

Kenneth Serenyi

microbiology student

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