Why I Hate Protesters

Aug 302005
Authors: Ryan Chapman

As anyone who reads my column on any kind of a regular basis knows, I don't take very kindly to peace protesters. I think they are ignorant to the ways of the world and just plain don't accomplish anything. In the past few weeks, however, I have been extremely patient with the growing gaggle of hippies outside President Bush's ranch in Crawford, Texas. I have been respectful of this group for one reason; they are led by the mother of a U.S. soldier who was killed in Iraq.

My esteemed colleague, Tyler Whitman, explained this situation in depth in his column last Friday so I will not go into how Cindy Sheehan is tarnishing the name of her son. I will, however, go into depth on why I think this whole mess has gotten out of hand.

First of all the President Bush has no responsibility to meet with anyone no matter how many people they bring with them or how many times they sing "Kumbaya." I'd like to talk to the president about a few things too, but I understand that I am of little importance to the man running the free world. So I let it slide.

Secondly, it is no longer just peaceniks making fools of themselves in Crawford. Several thousand Bush supporters arrived late last week to begin counter balancing the political circus there. You heard that right. I said the Bush supporters are making fools of themselves. Let me explain.

According to MSNBC.com a group known as the protest warriors (www.protestwarrior.com) have also been in Crawford. The protest warrior group is dedicated to disrupting leftist peace rallies simply by joining them. They carry sarcastic signs that read things like "War has never solved anything; except ending slavery, Nazism, communism and fascism!"

This is where the stupidity starts to take over. Being unable to decipher this blazing sarcasm, some of the pro-Bush demonstrators took signs from the protest warriors, tearing them up and throwing them to the ground. They attacked people who were saying the exact same things they were! Way to go guys, way to give Bush Supporters a good name!

Lastly I would ask, don't any of these people have jobs, or families, or any responsibilities to attend to? I'm only 21 and there is no way I could go camp in Texas for weeks. Maybe that's just another reason why I hate protesters; they get a lot more vacation time than I do.

Anyway there you have it, proof that all protesters can be idiots, not just the ones who want peace. The way I would suggest resolving this situation, is to have the police of Crawford simply start tear-gassing the crowd, on BOTH sides of the road until they return to wherever it is they came from. Hopefully that way we can get back to letting the professionals solve the problems of the world without the input of a bunch of nutcases in a field.

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