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Authors: Jon Pilsner

Schedule of CU-CSU games 2005-09

2005: Folsom Field

2006: INVESCO Field at Mile High

2007: Folsom Field

2008: INVESCO Field at Mile High

2009: INVESCO Field at Mile High

I swear, there is some sort of smell that just emanates from the ol' college down south.

Maybe it's the stench of scandal. Maybe it's the foul odor of hypocrisy and insensitivity. Maybe it's just buffalo chips. Whatever it is, the University of Colorado-Boulder simply reeks these days.

Perhaps I'm being too critical. The state's namesake university probably deserves more respect. Its football team did have a winning bowl season, more than can be said about our team. There haven't been any court convictions of any football players or coaches, and the athletic director, the president and the chancellor, along with the lawsuits against the university, have been tossed out like old garbage.

So why is there still that obnoxious odor?

Last week, the NCAA approved member football teams to play a 12th game per season. There was some talk that once it was approved, the annual Rocky Mountain Showdown between the state's top two football teams would be played at INVESCO Field at Mile High in Denver.

So why do some in Boulder say that the 2007 game between CU and CSU should stay in Folsom Field?

Some people believe CSU needs this game more than CU does, and they say the logical answer is to play it in Folsom one more time. The Buffs make the same amount of money either way.

I know what that smell is! It's the awful reek of arrogance! Quick, somebody get me a gas mask and a case of perfume!

According to numbers from the Boulder Daily Camera, CSU earns about $500,000 for playing the game in Boulder against the Buffaloes. In contrast, even if CSU is the away team in Denver, the Rams will take in about $1.5 million, about the same CU earns if they play at either Folsom or at INVESCO.

The loss, according to some, is that CU can't sell a six-game home season-ticket package, and the local Boulder economy will lose business by not having an additional football game. But they don't get it.

CU has a problem, a big problem. They have become a laughingstock across the nation, an embarrassment to the state, and a fully operational Jay Leno joke factory. People hear "The University of Colorado" and think about the "Wild Bunch" of a football team and the idiotic statements of an overzealous professor. They don't think about the actual sport of college football.

Last season – although the announced crowd of 54,954 was a Folsom Field record – the brand-new club-level seats and suites were only half occupied. I know, I was there, and I saw the empty chairs.

When the CSU-CU game was played in Denver two years ago, a record crowd showed up, filling up INVESCO and making a mark in the Denver market.

Last season, the attendance to CU games was pathetic for a Big 12 school, even if the Buffs were the champions of their division. There is little excitement about collegiate football outside the tight circles in Boulder and Fort Collins, and the transplants of the state often don't find any reason to give allegiance to a state school (especially when it only makes headlines in the courts).

CU needs to improve its image and create a little excitement, and CSU can help and benefit. By keeping the game in Denver, both schools can tap a massive market. It could eventually help put more butts in seats during the actual home stadiums.

CSU should look past the arrogant stench coming from down south. If CU won't move the game to Denver in 2007, just skip it that year. Find another opponent who actually respects the teams it plays.

Maybe then, the winds will change and blow that awful smell out of here.

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