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Authors: Scott Bondy

Topic 1: Gary Sheffield will not be punished for his actions toward a fan in a game last weekend against Boston. He fended away a fan reaching over the wall to obstruct the play. The fan has lost his season tickets and criminal charges are pending. What's going on?

Bondy: Sheffield is a steroid-raged punk. But I think he held his composure extremely well. Nine out of 10 guys would have turned around and slugged the fan in the face. I don't know what Sheff did, but it was a weak-looking shove of some sort.

Baker: I can't believe that nothing is being done to Sheffield in this situation. The fan reached down to get a ball just like any fan would. Sheff then proceeded to swing at someone. And nothing happened, that's crap!

Bondy: You just hate him or any Yankee. If a Red Sox player did it you wouldn't be running your mouth.

Baker: That's exactly right. I hate the Yankees. If it were any player other than a Yankee, he would have been penalized.

Topic 2: The NFL draft is this Saturday at 10 a.m. Big names will be going early while other big names will hopefully be going late (cough, Maurice Clarett). No-names will be looking to become the next Tom Brady, Zach Thomas or Hines Ward. The top-five most talented players in the draft are…?

Baker: Obviously, Alex Smith is the most talented. Plus, he's like a genius.

Bondy: Yeah, right. Alex Smith is overrated. He may be the best quarterback in the draft, but that's because this draft is lacking better options. Mike Williams will eventually be the best player taken in this draft.

Baker: I have Braylon Edwards at second because he played for four years. Williams played two and was great, but he isn't as fine-tuned as Edwards.

Bondy: Derrick Johnson of Texas is second best. If a team needs a quality linebacker, he is your man. He will be the next LaVar Arrington.

Baker: Agreed, but he is No. 3. At No. 4, I'll go with Mark Clayton of Oklahoma. He is a great after-the-catch receiver. I like Cadillacs, so I've got to go with Carnell Williams for my No. 5 spot.

Bondy: Next up for me is Cedric Benson because he is such a powerful runner. After that is Ronnie Brown because he is so elusive. Miami puts out some great NFL players, so cornerback Antrell Rolle caps off my Top 5.

Top 3: Question and Answer

Bondy: Good idea for Patrick Ewing Jr. to attend Georgetown?

Baker: No, make a name for yourself somewhere else.

Baker: What will LeBron James do now?

Bondy: He stays in Cleveland. He wants to be just like Michael Jordan so he stays and makes a bad team better, down the line leading it to a title.

Topic 4: NBA playoff time. Let's pick all the winners in the first round.

Baker: Miami beats the Nets in five games.

Bondy: Chicago takes down Washington. The Bulls are going places.

Baker: Boston takes down Indiana and sends Reggie Miller home crying.

Bondy: Detroit is too strong for Philly. Obviously!

Bondy: Phoenix hands Memphis an early exit.

Baker: Houston over Dallas because Tracy McGrady is just too good.

Bondy: The Kings are lacking something. They lose to Seattle.

Baker: Denver in six games because it couldn't win a seventh game in San Antonio.

Bondy: Hopefully Tim Duncan is not playing at 100 percent. I'm retracting what I said earlier this semester and going with the Nuggets in five.

Closing statements and words to the wise:

Baker: I was wrong last week. The Rockies will go 4-158.

Bondy: I don't know. They are already exceeding my expectations.

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