Apr 072005

I would just like to congratulate all those Corbett girls who feel the need to reenact MTV Spring Break every time there is sunshine. You have single handedly helped raise the outrageous skin cancer rate in Colorado.

To the depressed guy over Kelly Hagenah: There's a support group for your situation, we meet on Thursdays at 7 p.m. at the Psychology building (bring her article from that day).

Now it got all the way up to 97 degrees in some of the outlining areas today. If you've got pets, and you're going to leave them in the car in this kind of heat, make sure they have a lot of chew toys and be sure to roll up the windows so that heat doesn't get into the car.

If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?

I think there should be a ban for smoking on campus. A person can't even walk to class without inhaling secondhand smoke. It's disgusting. I know people who hold their breath just to walk from one side of campus to the other. Do you want lung cancer from inhaling someone else's cigarette? Yuck.

You go to North Carolina? No way! I could have sworn you go to CSU. Oh wait…

Marijuana's short-term effects are not as harmful as alcohol in large doses. However, the long-term effects of marijuana are far-reaching because not only does marijuana have carcinogens in it, but it also renders its users stupid enough to pass a referendum on it at CSU.

Hey, everybody, hockey is back and it is sponsored by the Collegian!! Except there isn't a center position and its only left wing and right wing crazies.

Confucius say; man who gets nipples pierced for girl also has testicles in jar.

Why is it that guys have to dress so feminine these days to hold down a good looking girl? What ever happened to girls liking the REAL MEN who play hockey, football, golf and go hunting. Sorry, ladies, but I'm not about wear a pink shirt with a popped collar.

To the guy who supports all us pale girls: Thanks. Apparently there's only a few of us who know how fashionable skin cancer scars are …

Hey, nice comparison on the front-page between the 2000 presidential election and the silly little CSU election thing. Because those two things are identical!

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