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Feb 212005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Spring Break is approaching rapidly and more students are becoming concerned with their body images. Worrying about obtaining the "perfect swimsuit body" or washboard abs can drive you crazy, even to the point of extreme dieting. Diet fads like the Atkin's Diet and the South Beach Diet can give long-term results but do so in a not-so-healthy manner and generally the weight doesn't stay off.

Also, the media is often accused of driving young adults to look a certain way and the situation may not be helped if your peers are always talking about how skinny/pretty/beautiful/built Jessica Simpson or Orlando Bloom is.

In desperation, students often develop eating disorders in situations like these and although the results may be quick, the metabolism actually slows down, meaning the food that is consumed is digested entirely because the body needs what it actually gets. When the stress of looking good wears down and regular eating patterns are back to normal, the metabolism will still be slow and it is extremely hard to get it close to how it was.

What some people don't realize is that pop-culture media doesn't matter; it's not an obtainable possession. It is a far-fetched idea people buy into following far too often. It is there for entertainment, not as a way of life. Also, being skinny doesn't make people happy, but accepting yourself for the way you are will make you happy. Looking good is nice, but obsessing over body image can be harmful.

Eating healthy may not slither your waist down immediately, but it will increase your self-esteem and benefit you and your metabolism when you're older. This month is Eating Disorders Awareness Month and it is important to notice friends and acquaintances that develop bad eating and/or exercising patterns. You need to be there for them in more ways than one. Offer them your time, friendship, support and let them know there are resources available to help them conquer their battle.

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