Feb 202005
Authors: Joanna Thomas

An organic chemistry exam was pushed back in the heat of the moment because of a chemistry-lab fire last week.

Friday morning's fire postponed the first Organic Chemistry 346 test of the semester until today. Students and faculty evacuated from the Chemistry Building at 7 a.m.

Yvonne Paez, public information officer for the CSU Police Department, said the fire originated in the trash can in room D306.

"Fortunately it was a very little thing," Paez said.

She said students and faculty were kept out of the building for about 30 to 40 minutes to protect them from any potentially hazardous smoke and to verify the smoke was not toxic.

"We had to keep them out; we would rather overprotect than under-protect," Paez said.

Dayl Eccles, a junior microbiology major, was scheduled to take her first organic chemistry exam of the semester at 7:45 that morning. She said she saw a big throng of people crowded outside of the building when she showed up.

At first, she said she did not think anything of the crowd.

But because of the fire and evacuation, her class's organic chemistry test was postponed.

"There were a lot of groans and a lot of cheers; unfortunately I was one of the groans," Eccles said.

She said she put off all her other events of the week to do well on the first test and it all felt like a waste of time.

"I wasn't too surprised. (Fires) happen, but it's kind of irritating," she said.

Paez said the cause of the fire has not been determined, but it does not appear to have been arson-related. She said that Poudre Fire Authority estimates damages to be less than $1,000.



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