Feb 202005
Authors: Ben Bleckley

Somebody help me! I have been sucked into some sort of time warp!

Everyone is abuzz with talk about a Middle Eastern nation that supposedly possesses or is in the process of creating weapons with massive destruction capabilities, possibly nuclear in nature.

The government is trying to decide how to deal with it.

"First of all you never want a president to say never, but military action is certainly not, is never the president's first choice," said President George W. Bush on the Belgian television channel VRT on Feb.18, 2005. "Diplomacy is always the president's, or at least always my first choice."

Russia and nations in the European Union agree and do not see a need for military action at all. However, they seem more committed to diplomacy than America.

But the Middle Eastern country denies it is creating weapons! Their leaders claim they are using the technology they are researching to help their citizens.

I'm telling you, this all happened before! Maybe not in your reality, but in mine it did. Soon the United States will invade! I do not know if we're from alternate universes or what, but there is definitely something weird going on.

So far, the only difference I have noticed is that all the q's have changed to n's.

Perhaps Iran is not trying to achieve nuclear power, but instead is trying to build a nuclear weapon. The country certainly has every reason to do so.

According to the Federation of American Scientists at www.fas.org, India and Pakistan, eastern neighbors of Iran, have nuclear weapons. So does China and Russia to the north and Israel to the west. With the United States in Iraq and many of the countries in Iran's vicinity possessing atomic weapons, Iran has every reason to pursue nuclear defenses.

Far be it from the United States to tell a country not to pursue nuclear weapons when we have 12,000 stockpiled. Maybe before we condemn other countries for creating weapons of mass destruction, we should destroy our own.

It is reminiscent of the bully on the playground who took his peer's lunch money because he was big enough to do so. The United States should be the big kid on the playground who everyone likes because he or she always lets the other kids play with him or her – even though the kid could form a hegemonic clique or elite group of friends and rule the playground.

It cannot be proven that Iran is more reckless than the United States. Iran did not recently invade another country halfway across the globe and bring about a violent regime change. Iran is like the kid who's trying to play with the basketball, but the hegemonic clique wants it now, so Iran has to give it back.

It is harrowing to consider that our president is even considering the possibility of military action against Iran. One could ask where the troops or money would come from for such an undertaking. The real question is whether or not the administration is planning on taking over the entire region.

Atomic weapons may be bad, but war mongering is what brings about their use.

Ben Bleckley is a senior English major. His column runs every Monday in the Collegian.

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