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Feb 172005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

If our state representatives won't come to us, we'll just go to them.

This was the message sent to state lawmakers Tuesday when about 60 college students from around Colorado descended upon the state Capitol to implore legislators to give more of the state's money to higher education.

The students, some who were from CSU, brought with them signed postcards asking legislators to work to increase funding for higher education.

Considering that the overall state funding for higher education has decreased dramatically over the past few years, something has to be done. But nobody's doing it. So it's great to see students taking a proactive approach by meeting with representatives and senators to discuss funding options on the legislators' home turf.

However, among all six of the colleges represented at the rally, students were only able to present about 6,000 signatures. While about one-third of these postcards were from CSU or Fort Collins community members, the number still pales in comparison to the total number of students attending the universities and colleges.

If we really want to draw a line in the sand and make an impression, we need a lot more than 6,000 postcards. The Associated Students of CSU is working to get more signatures, but ASCSU members need to be more visible in getting signatures.

We need to show state lawmakers how important the future of Colorado higher education is, and to do that we all need to make our voices heard.

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