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Feb 172005
Authors: Scott Bondy, Paul Baker

Topic 1: The NBA All-Star game takes place in the great city of Denver this weekend. Hopefully most of those prima donnas will play in the game and make it another memorable game of high-flying antics, jaw-dropping dunks and no-look passes. Which players should we look for to light it up and possibly earn the Most Valuable Player award?

Bondy: King James will probably win the award because everything he does gets blown way out of proportion. A simple one-handed dunk automatically becomes a top 10 play on "SportsCenter."

Baker: Melo should win it. Oh wait, he wasn't even invited to play.

Bondy: I hope Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire do what they do best and destroy Shaq and the East.

Baker: No one cares about the game. I don't care about the game. We all just want to see nastiness in the dunk contest.


Topic 2: Although the NHL players agreed to a salary cap, the season is lost. No bone-crushing hits, diving goals and no Stanley Cup. A 28-game season would have been amazing to watch. Who is to blame for this mess, and what will we miss most about the season?

Bondy: Gary Bettman is a piece of garbage. He barely cooperated with the players and was a puppet of the owners. Maybe the NHL will have replacement players next season and guys who truly deserve to play will do so.

Baker: The players waited so long to agree to a cap. But when they did the owners screwed up and couldn't make it happen.

Bondy: A shorter season could have been exactly what the NHL needed. Every game would be so intense. That's like three months of playoffs.

Baker: And hockey playoffs are the best of any sport.

Topic 3: Q and A Lightning Round

Bondy: If Illinois goes into the tournament undefeated, will it be good for its chances at a championship.

Baker: No. It's too much pressure. All they need is one loss and I'll pick them to win it all.

Baker: Will the CSU men's basketball team win another game this season?

Bondy: Yes. It should come this weekend if the team decides to play less of a zone once San Diego State starts draining jump shots.

Bondy: Can Lance Armstrong win a seventh Tour de France?

Baker: Absolutely. He's got the best team in the world.

Topic 4: We already talked about the book that Jose Canseco wrote, but there are more issues at hand than just steroids. He alienated himself from the baseball world and its players, many of whom were close friends. What comes next, and do we believe everything Canseco says?

Baker: After this is all sorted out, go through the record books and put an asterisk next to everyone who was on steroids and won anything.

Bondy: Although I would hate to have been his teammate, I applaud the fact that he came out and said what he did. Steroids make the game go to crap. I don't care who can hit 73 home runs while "juiced."

Baker: I'd rather see someone like Ichiro get the hits record because it's better for the game since it's pure.

Bondy: Jose knew what he was doing when he wrote the book and knew it would cost him friendships and respect. He points out that guys like Brett Boone, average ballplayers, while on 'roids can become all-star players. This says something about what the game has become.

Closing statement and words to the wise:

Bondy: Joe Sakic should sign with the Colorado Eagles.

Baker: If I take steroids, I could sign with Rockies.

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