Feb 162005
Authors: Casey Cisneros

This small arts and crafts project, titled No. 8 by its inventor Eric Isaacson, a senior economics major, can help those who were broke on Valentine's Day and told their boy/girlfriend that they just haven't had a chance to go to pick up their present yet. So here's a cheap way to impress someone special with your creative ability. And if you're into interior decoration this might help out that plain white room.


1/8-inch drill bit


2-inch woodscrews

Several postcards or pictures

Hemp twine

One thick tree branch about 3/4-inch diameter

Three to four small tree branches about 1/4-inch diameter

Approximate cost – $18.00

1. Punch holes in the four corners of your favorite postcards or pictures.

2. Cut twine two at a time, the same length, between 3 and 7 inches.

3. Cut the small tree branches into varying lengths, between 2 and 10 inches and drill two holes, one on each end, through it with 1/8-inch drill bit.

4. Slide two pieces of twine, of the same length, through the top holes of the postcard and tie a knot. Then make a knot in the middle of both hemp strings.

5. Slip the two strings through the two holes on the small tree branch until the small tree branch is resting on the knot in the middle of the twine. Then tie loose ends of string to the bottom of the next postcard. Make rows of five to eight postcards.

6. Drill holes, with 1/8-inch drill bit, through the top of the large stick the width of the last postcard in the row. Take one strand of twine through the holes on the top of the large stick and attach the ends to the corners of the last post card and tie a knot.

7. Attach as many chains of postcards that are desired on large stick then mount on the wall with 2-inch wood screws.

This project was given courtesy of Eric Isaacson, a senior economics major

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