Feb 152005

– Stay out of the brown.

– Asphalt is my life, and I love asphalt too.

– There is nothing quite as amusing as watching guys in the restroom adjusting their hats in front of the mirror for 10 minutes so that it looks like they put it on crooked.

– What do you call somebody else's cheese? Not-cho cheese!

– Matt Nelson is the best player that I have ever seen since Bill Hanzlik and Joe Wolf.

– Well, we've all had a good laugh by now, but I think it's about time

that someone figures out that your basic wood and cheap plastic

products aren't suited for the difficult challenge of blocking cars

from the bus terminals.

– Shout out to Big-D and the Stallion, one love baby.

– Hey guys, you aren't still wearing your polo shirts

with your collars flipped up? Oh, you are? That's

too bad…

– I hate those jamster.com commercials. Text to 355-55.

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