A Valentine’s Day Poem

Feb 152005
Authors: Ryan Chapman

I realize this is a day or two late,

but Valentine's Day I sure think is great.

It's a time for friends and a time for love,

and delicious little treats from the candy-maker Dove.

There are many things I love on that day,

people and gestures that make February seem not so gray.

These people I would now like to thank,

for always refilling my emotional tank.

I love that on Fridays it's Chipotle for lunch,

Megan and Katie are a mighty fine bunch.

I love that every morning by 6,

Eric is up discussing the musical impact of Jimi Hendrix.

I love trading workouts with friends at the rec.,

and I couldn't survive without the bi-weekly pay check.

I love Colorado and the sunny days here,

but I wish Spring Break was a little more near.

I love that my dad listens to only one station,

it's Rush Limbaugh all day on the EIB nation.

I love that while all the flowers are wilting

my mom has already gotten back to her quilting.

I love that my sis will soon be a Ram,

in all of her rodeo and horse-riding glam.

I love that on Wednesdays my opinion I give,

even when I sound like an angry, red-neck, white-trash, conservative.

Last but not least I'd like to thank the Collegian,

for helping me write less like a heathen.

Now I know this is boring and really quite dumb,

but I was out of ideas and felt like a bum.

So thanks to everyone for listening to me,

I hope you are all still filled with Valentine's glee.

Ryan Chapman is a junior marketing major. His column runs every Wednesday in the Collegian.

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