Feb 142005

– I love asphalt.

– Do you have Prince Albert in a can? You better let him out!

– My dad pooped in his neighbors' yard, and then lied about it!

– Of course people read Doonesbury you idiot, Dilbert sucks.

– Just another reminder about fact checking. Yet another thing you've gotten wrong about Ward Churchill. In Wednesday's paper you put that he was scheduled to speak at Hamilton College in Clinton N.H., but it was quite clearly Clinton, N.Y. You've printed enough about the story to get it right for once.

– In response to the letter to the editor by Michael Watson bashing everything about CSU, I have one word for you: transfer.

– Garfield: worst…comic…ever. Seriously.

– Dave Chappelle's show is that much more interesting when you are semiconscious!


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