Feb 142005
Authors: James Baetke

Police have recently released details on the arrests of two daycare providers who have been charged with having more than one pound of marijuana and hallucinogenic mushrooms in their possession.

The incident occurred Feb. 4 when Fort Collins Police Services assisted the Larimer County Department of Human Services- Child and Family Division in lieu of a "tip" that an in-home daycare facility was selling marijuana during business hours, said Rita Davis, spokeswomen for FCPS.

On Feb. 11 Patrick Lopez and Lorie Wagner were arrested for possession of marijuana with the intent to sell, possession of a controlled substance (psilocybin mushrooms) and one count of child abuse.

After Wagner gave officers permission to search her home and business, officers smelled marijuana in the home and eventually recovered one and one half pounds of marijuana and one gram of hallucinogenic mushrooms.

One child was being cared for at the time of the search.

The licensed daycare home, Lories' Loveable Little Ones, 3537 Tradition Dr., is currently under a suspended license and has been shut down for business.

"All I have to say is my husband has chronic back pain and that is why we had (the marijuana)," Wagner said.

As for the mushrooms, Wagner said those did not belong to her, and her husband forgot they were in the house.

Wagner denied she had done any wrongdoing and adamantly denied any of her client's children have been in harm's way. She said she has been a licensed daycare provider for 10 years.

"All of my clients are backing me up," Wagner said, including the parents of the child who was present during the police search, she claimed.

The parents of the child could not be reached for comment.

Davis said daycares doing illegal activity like this are "not a common event" in Fort Collins.

Wagner and Lopez, who each have two children of their own, have since posted bail and are awaiting an arraignment to be formally charged, Wagner said.

"I am not a bad person; I take care of the kids," Wagner said. "I have never done anything wrong."

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