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Feb 142005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Some things should stay as they are because they were put into place for a reason.

Term limits is one of these things.

A local group is trying to get rid of term limits for Larimer County's sheriff position. Current law mandates a two-term limit on the position meaning current Sheriff Jim Alderden would have to leave office in 2006.

The community group, Larimer Citizens for the Restoration of Voters' Rights, is hoping to get the term-limit abolishment on the November ballot, according to The Fort Collins Coloradoan.

The group's thinking is that Alderden has done a good job in the sheriff position, and there is no reason that he should not be able to stay in office. This point is further supported by the fact that Alderden ran for the position unopposed in 2002, which might mean the county would have a lesser candidate receive the position in 2006 because Alderden couldn't run again.

This is a valid point, but as soon as you start establishing policy because of a specific situation you risk hurting the county in the long run.

Terms are limited for a reason and extended to governmental offices at state, regional and national levels.

Maybe Alderden should be allowed to serve third or even fourth terms in office. But what happens when 20 years down the line a sheriff who is on a power trip comes in and ends up serving an excessive number of terms because no one wants to run against him or her? Then people will be demanding term limits, but it might be too late.

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