Feb 142005
Authors: Megan Schulz

To View Vagina MonologuesLory Student Center TheaterThursday, Feb. 17Saturday, Feb. 19Sunday, Feb. 20.Ticket price: $7

Campus Feminist Alliance set up a booth on the Lory Student Center Plaza Monday to promote "V-Day," an international campaign to stop violence and sexual assault.

"It's held on Valentine's Day to remind people about the negative side of love," said Emily Hornback, a third year Spanish anthropology student and member of the Campus Feminist Alliance.

The Campus Feminist Alliance recently changed its name from Campus Women's Alliance to re-educate people about the word "feminist" and be more inclusive by showing people that not only women can be feminists, Hornback said.

"Part of the reason there was a name change is that there is a misconception of what it means to be a feminist in our society," said Kathy Plate, a Campus Feminist Alliance member and anthropology graduate student. "We are trying to educate students that everyone should be a feminist."

Joe Ramagli, and alumni of CSU and a member of the Campus Feminist Alliance feels that women's issues are important and men can be feminists too.

"I feel that not enough men are concerned about women's issues, even though they are their (men's) issues, too," said Ramagli. "Because of the way men are, I feel like (unfortunately) men need to hear things from men. (Sexual assault) is not correct and not ever justifiable."

"V-Day" also stands for "Vagina Day," and the CSU Student Center Theater will be showing "The Vagina Monologues, " which will benefit the Sexual Assault Victim Advocates Center, Larimer County's rape crisis center.

As a part of Tuesday's presentation, Campus Feminist Alliance showed clips from 25 movies leading to rape scenes.

"Many movies are building up tension to see a women get raped," Hornback said. "What type of message is that sending (through the media)? They don't necessarily need to show it in a violent, glorified way."

One out of eight movies produced in Hollywood contains a rape scene, according to the book "Cunt: A Declaration of Independence," by Inga Muscio and Betty Dodson.

Campus Feminist Alliance wanted to promote rape awareness, and national surveys say four in five women who are victims of sexual assault know their attackers. Hornback said students on campus displayed mixed reactions to the rape awareness information.

"It's been a successful day," said Hornback. "Some people have come up and really appreciated us, but we've had mixed reactions."

Members of Campus Feminist Alliance maintain that Valentine's Day encompasses more than candy and roses, and women's issues are of ongoing importance.

"Just remember that people don't need to be pressured to find a date," Plate said. "It's a day that can have a greater meaning."

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