Feb 092005
Authors: Andrew Nuth

It might be hard to believe that people actually answer the door naked when a delivery person rings the bell, but Justin Keys says they do.

"A lot of the rumors are true," said Keys, a delivery driver for D.P. Dough and a junior construction management major.

Keys has seen his share of excitement during a year and a half delivering for DP Dough, 125 S Howes St. Occasionally, he will deliver calzones to a group of naked people playing strip poker, or even a topless woman who takes tipping to a whole new level.

"It doesn't happen as often as one might like, but it does happen," Keys said.

Despite the many stories, delivering is not all fun and games. When most people are going to bed, Keys is just beginning his night at work. On many nights, Keys will deliver until 3:30 a.m. and still make it to his 10:00 class.

Here are a few of the strange things that have happened to Keys during his late-night work excursions, which he told the Collegian during a ride-a-long Thursday night.


Hey, that's my car

A few months ago Keys delivered some calzones to the police station, and he ended up needing the police's help.

"After the cops pay I see a 40- or 50-year-old lady in my Jeep, smoking my cigarettes with the doors locked," Keys said. When he approached the car, she began panicking and yelling at him. She kept saying he was going to hurt her, and she would not get out of the car or be quiet.

Not wanting to cause any trouble, Keys went to back inside to get the police. They tried together to get her out of the Jeep, with no success.

"It took about 20 minutes till I realized I had a set of keys with me. When we opened the door she freaked and the cops took her in," Keys said.



Naked passengers

During the summer Keys delivers with the top down on his Jeep Wrangler. During a delivery, he saw some people streaking down Laurel. He drove past them and then came to a red light.

"I felt the back of my Jeep drop, and looked in my mirror. They were trying to climb into my Jeep for a ride home," Keys said. "I wasn't about to let that many naked people into my car."

The streakers recognized Keys as the guy who had delivered their calzones earlier that night and wanted him to drive them back to the party. He didn't want naked people in his car, and he had to convince them to get out so he could continue on his way.



Hit and slip

Keys has seen many accidents during his year and a half at D.P. Dough, but he has only been involved in one.

"Some guy hit my Jeep and then drove off," Keys said while lighting his cigarette.

He was at the door of an apartment dropping off an order, when somebody hit his car, Keys said. Keys' car was parked on the side of the road, not far from the apartment he was delivering to.

He could see the accident happen, but when the man in the other car saw him approaching he drove off.

Keys ran down to the street to try and get the license plate, but just before he got it he slipped and fell on a pile of dog poop.


Keys loves his job and thinks it's worth the late hours, hard work and the strange things that happen to him. The workers at D.P. Dough joke around like they are best friends and work hard. For everyone else, their jobs are made up of great stories and long nights, but for them it is another day working in Fort Collins after dark.


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