Ram Talk

Feb 072005

– I love the Indian at Lucky Joe's. She's kinda like my boyfriend, always bringing me peanuts and good luck.

– There is a squirrel that lives in the tree outside my window who's name is Michael. He has a girlfriend named Linda. Together, they scurry around and eat nuts. I'm glad that we became friends.

– Thursdays are the best days of the week. It's almost Friday and CSI and ER are both on. I

love CSI and ER! My two favorite shows are on the same night, how cool is that?!


– OK people, here is the deal … there are two doors, one in, one out. Let's try to get it right shall we? … Also, your collar's up and your hat's on sideways.

– Has anyone at CSU actually done anything to support the troops besides buying a

$2 magnet for their car that was made in China?

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