Feb 072005
Authors: Vincent Adams

Sometimes it seems like I'm stuck in a dystrophic nightmare. As much as I try to remain optimistic and project the future in hopeful shades of color, I look at the world around me and cringe at the deadened, gray shades that will paint future landscapes.

I hoped common sense would make a come back after this mind-numbing election year, but Ward Churchill seems to represent the catalyst that will destroy rational America – assuming the good ol' boys (Republicans) get their way.

For those who don't know, Churchill is the University of Colorado ethnic studies professor who wrote the "inflammatory" essay, "Some People Push Back: On the Justice of Roosting Chickens." If you listen to your local freedom fighter (aka your nearest and dearest Republican representative), he or she would have you believe this Churchill character is the West-side version of Osama bin Laden (you remember Osama, don't you?).

The good ol' boys have convinced their moronic sheep followers that Churchill is rooting against the United States. He wants to see it destroyed. The intellectual right, through sophisticated decoding methods, has apparently exposed Churchill's true intentions. On the surface, Churchill's language reads like it simply challenges the United States and its mistakes. But the right (pun intended) is smarter than us. So smart they can turn what Churchill wrote into something else.

I do not have the skills that the Republicans do, so I am unable to decode Churchill the way they are. Here is my interpretation of what I read – but because I'm not right I'm probably wrong.

In harsh, abrasive and sometimes downright insensitive language, Churchill dares to say America is unfair and brutal with how it conducts its international affairs in the Middle East. He dares to say that the United States' foreign policy may have helped cause terrorist-promoting attitudes.

But what is getting the most attention is his sloppy metaphor comparing the World Trade Center victims to Eichmanns – a Nazi henchman who helped carry out the atrocities committed against Jewish people during the Holocaust.

Is Churchill a moron? Get out your Magic Eight ball for the answer and you will assuredly get this response: "All signs point to YES!" The victims of Sept. 11, 2001, were clearly not Eichmanns. He had a brain fart.

Unfortunately, Churchill's brain fart has stunk up the place, but some of the reactions smell much worse.

Republicans (and Democrats, too) are doing all they can to distance themselves from his comments, ignore what was actually written and instead flame the guy for a sloppy metaphor. Our governor is calling for Churchill to be fired. The conservative Thought Police have arrived. It is just a matter of time before Churchill is incinerated.

Even considering his insensitive language and that sloppy Eichmann metaphor, Churchill said nothing deserving of this reaction. Certainly he is entitled to say what he wants and deserves to keep his job. If Bush can keep his job after not finding weapons of mass destruction, why shouldn't Churchill keep his job? After all, Churchill's words have killed no one. Bush's blunders have.

If people would simply look at this essay as constructive criticism rather than blasphemy, then maybe we could learn from this and come out of this controversy enlightened and smelling like roses. Instead, we have Churchill's brain fart being covered up with conservative cerebral fecal matter and the world smells poopy.

Vince Adams is an English graduate student. His column runs every Tuesday in the Collegian.

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