Feb 062005
Authors: Megan Buettgenbach

*SCLE Office: 491-1682

*SLCE Web site: www.slce.colostate.edu

*Presidential Leadership Program: 491-1962

*Leadership Take-Out: 491-0970

*National Web site for LeaderShape: www.leadershape.org

*For questions on LeaderShape, call Kristen Reed at 491-1483 or e-mail her at sculeadershape@hotmail.com

*Applications for PLP are available online at: www.slce.colostate.edu/leadership/president

Most students come to college with the goal of obtaining a degree.

But leadership opportunities offered through the Office of Student Leadership and Civic Engagement give students the chance to become much more involved.

"There has been a growing emphasis in leadership because students in college and universities understand the value of leadership skills because they can be applicable to any job," said Amy Bechtum, graduate assistant in SCLE.

SLCE, a recent merger between the Office of Service-Learning and Volunteer Programs and the Office of Leadership and Diversity Programs, started this fall.

The Presidential Leadership Program is one of many of the services offered through the office that allows students a chance to learn leadership skills.

"PLP is a wonderful opportunity designed to expand a student's knowledge about themselves, diversity issues, values, ethics and leadership development," Bechtum said.

The leadership is made up of three yearlong academic and experiential courses that involve students in service projects in the community and in-group activities such as ropes courses.

Sarah Runyon, junior health and exercise science major, is taking year two of the leadership program courses.

"You have a lot of opportunity to learn about things on campus, like service opportunities," Runyon said. "(The class) opens your eyes to different takes on leadership that you may not have known before."

The program's classes are selective. Students can be nominated for it or they can fill out an application. Depending on the class, students can receive two to three credits.

SLCE also offers a program called Leadership Take-Out.

"LTO is a peer-education program that trains student facilitators to deliver leadership workshops to campus groups and student organizations," Bechtum said. "Anyone can call us to come in and facilitate some kind of activity like time management or creating a vision."

Leadership Take-Out is a free service and includes the presentation itself.

Lauren Hick, junior sociology major, is a leadership coordinator for the office and works with the Leadership Take-Out program.

"Facilitators do a game or go over a workshop; it is more hands-on than a lecture," Hick said. "The facilitator plays a helping role that promotes ideas in the group."

The deadline for facilitator applications has passed, but new chances are offered at the beginning of every semester.

LeaderShape is another program the office promotes.

"LeaderShape is a nationally known leadership conference that focuses on integrity and working on a vision that students can take back to campus," said Hannah Brown, senior psychology major and student leadership coordinator for the office.

LeaderShape is a summer conference the student leadership office has brought to CSU so students can participate.

"It is a six-day intensive leadership institute that helps students make a mission statement of how they want to make an impact at CSU," said Kristen Reed, a senior speech communications major and special events coordinator for the office.

The conference is held May15 to 20 in Estes Park, and the cost is estimated to be between $250 and $400.

"We are working on scholarships, but the experience you gain from this conference is absolutely life changing," Reed said. "You learn how to live by morals and look deeper into yourself, and this helps you succeed in the business world."

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