Superbowl predictions

Feb 032005


Paul Baker:

3-2 Philly

It will be an offensive shootout, with Philly coming out on top

Scott Bondy:

24-10 New England

The Patriots are unstoppable at this point. They have one of the greatest linebacking crews ever put together.

Adam Ebner

27-23 Philly

Philadelphia gets by the Patriots defense as McNabb has the game of his life.

Bobby Fernandez

45-42 Philly

Terrell Owens will spark his teammates, as a pumped-up Eagles squad led by quarterback Donovan McNabb will soar past the Patriots in a high-scoring shootout.

Amanda Havekost

31-17 Philly

The Eagles' lack of Super Bowl experience combined with the two-week preparation time for Belichik to tweak his defense gives the Patriots the edge over Philly on Sunday.

Stephanie Lindberg:

32-24 New England

Patriots are the stronger team, though I still love my Dexter Wynn!

Joelle Milholm

27-14 New England

The Patriots are too good and too experienced in the Super Bowl to lose, and I hope T.O. breaks his leg again doing one of his stupid touchdown dances.

Nick Piburn

21-20 Philly

The Eagles win a close one on a last-second Adam Vinatieri missed field goal. Eagles nickel back Dexter Wynn picks off Tom Brady and takes it to the house for the game-winning touchdown.

Jon Pilsner

27-13 Eagles

Eagles 13

You think Bill Belichik isn't going to be ready? The two-week layoff will have Donovan McNabb running to his mother for some comfort soup at halftime.

Nate Ramos:

20-13 New England

This game should be a defensive battle for the first few possessions and in the end the game and will be all about field position, coming down to guaranteed-to-make-it kicker Adam Vinaterri.

Justin Shaw

23-20 New England

Terrell Owens will finally cash the checks that his mouth has been writing and have a huge game, even if he is not at 100 percent. McNabb also silences his critics with a career-defining game.

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