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Feb 032005
Authors: Paul Baker, Scott Bondy

Topic 1: On Wednesday, Sammy Sosa officially became a Baltimore Oriole after he was traded from the Cubs. Sosa will put Chicago in his past and now play in the American League for the first time. Is it a good decision for Sosa to play for the Orioles?

Baker: No, Sammy is past his prime and will never hit more than 50 home runs in a season again, especially in the AL where the pitching is better.

Bondy: It will be nearly impossible for the Orioles to compete with the likes of Boston and New York.

Baker: They have some quality players on the team, like Miguel Tejada and Rafeal Palmero, but they have no pitching.

Bondy: Sammy is going to come back 20 pounds lighter, because he is off the 'roids.

Baker: Yeah, the Orioles are going to compete with the new Washington club for exposure, which won't be to hard because they don't get any.

Topic 2: The Eagles and the Patriots both have people coming off the injured list especially to play in the Super Bowl: Terrell Owens for Philadelphia and Richard Seymour for New England. Which player will make the bigger impact on the game?

Bondy: Terrell Owens will make the bigger impact, because he is that kind of player.

Baker: Wrong. Seymour will make an immediate impact when he breaks through the line. TO will at most catch three passes, for 30 yards, which won't be a factor.

Bondy: Owens will have between four and six catches for more than 50 yards and a touchdown. He will also make an impact with his touchdown celebration dance.

Baker: Yeah, by making it a longer attempt for his field goal kicker.

Topic 3: Q and A Lightning Round

Bondy: Will the Nugg Puppies make the playoffs?

Baker: No, we'll make it close down the stretch with Karl as our coach.

Baker: Does Freddie Mitchell help/hurt the Eagles by running his mouth?

Bondy: Who is Freddie Mitchell anyway? Oh yeah, a number-three receiver.

Bondy: Who will win the Super Bowl?

Baker: The Eagles, behind the running of Westbrook.

Baker: Who is your pick to win?

Bondy: New England, because you picked Philly before I could. NE 24-10.

Topic 4: Emmitt Smith was signed by the Dallas Cowboys Thursday afternoon, and soon there after retired. Is Emmitt Smith one of the top three running backs of all time?

Baker: No, he is behind Jim Brown, Walter Payton and Barry Sanders. Not necessarily in that order.

Bondy: Why do people pretend to know more about sports than they actually do? Everyone is so quick to drop names about guys they've never seen play. Barry Sanders in the best running back of our generation. Payton is the best running back to play the game, and Emmitt Smith is certainly third.

Baker: Jim Brown couldn't be tackled. I saw that on ESPN Classic.

Bondy: Smith leads just about every statistical category including most yards and 100-yard games, and was second only to Jerry Rice, the best receiver of all time, in touchdowns.

Baker: I just don't like the Cowboys.

Bondy: Emmitt Smith has left such a positive mark on the game. Listen to the players he played with and against (the people's opinions that really matter) and they will say he belongs in the top three.

Closing Statements and Words of the Wise

Baker: Bring back the frogs and lizards to the advertising campaigns. They're better than the Super Bowl.

Bondy: What ever happened to the Bud Bowl? Go Bud Light!

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