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Authors: Nick Piburn

As the chances of the NHL playing anytime soon are looking as grim as ever, Colorado is still producing some unbelievable hockey. Look no further than the American Collegiate Hockey Association's best in the West: the CSU Rams.

The Rams, ranked third overall in the ACHA, won again last weekend in Cheyenne, beating a San Jose State team that has already posted a win over Colorado this season. The game, while not pretty, held the Rams in the No. 1 position in the ACHA West Division.

"The game was kind of sloppy," said club president Jordan Stover. "We kind of played down to their level."

Regardless of the level of play, the win was huge, especially considering the Rams were playing without their top defenseman, freshman Chris Hau. The Rams though received an unexpected offensive boost from goalie Brian Minor, who assisted on the final goal of a 3-1 win to seal the game.

CSU has two more games this weekend, at 7:30 p.m. today and Saturday at Edora Pool and Ice Center against Eastern Washington.

The Rams will receive a boost on Saturday when Hau comes off his two-game suspension for elbowing a CU player in the game on Jan. 22.

"It really sucks watching, and not being able to help the team," Hau said. "It's going to be fun though coming back to play the team we played the game before. Hopefully I can stay out of the penalty box until nationals."

While hockey is nearing the end of its season, CSU baseball starts this weekend.

The Rams will travel to Lamar for four games against junior-college powerhouse Lamar Community College. The teams will face off twice on Saturday and twice again Sunday.

The team has been practicing about five days a week total since coming back from break, but only a small amount has been on the field.

"Until March 1 were very limited in what we can do," said club president David Schultz. "We've had to go two days a week on the field, two inside and one to two days on the side in the batting cages. We haven't even taken an infield yet."

Despite the lack of field time and the fact that they are playing one of the best junior college teams, the Rams are positive about the upcoming season.

"We want to see good teams now to get us prepared for our conference," Schultz said. "What we do in the non-conference doesn't really matter, as long as we win conference."

With a long season ahead the Rams will be hoping to get a victory or two this weekend to start the season off well.

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