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According to the groundhog, spring is still six weeks away. However, it is going to be a promising spring for CSU students searching for jobs and internships.

The CSU Career Center held its first annual National Groundhog Job Shadow Day on Wednesday at Ammons Hall. It also marked the beginning of the CSU spring job search season.

The College of Natural Sciences provided the marmot.

With roughly 20 spectators, mainly faculty and staff, the groundhog was pulled from his burrow at noon. The groundhog, known as the CSU Marmot, was visibly disturbed from being awakened from his sleep, but responded to seeing his shadow.

"The shadow foretells a good job search climate for CSU students," said Ann Malen, director of the Career Center.

There were more staff and faculty present for the event than there were students, Malen said, but she was unfazed by the low turnout.

" We wish more students would've shown up, but hopefully they'll take advantage of future events," Malen said.

Groundhog's Day has been celebrated in Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania for 118 years.

"Groundhog's Day is of German origin. It's a mid-winter celebration used to predict an early spring," said Paul Woziack of The Point radio station.

Following the marmot's prognostication, students were invited inside to watch the classic movie "Groundhog Day" and talk to career counselors about job placement, internships and more. Few students took the opportunity to obtain information from the career counselors on hand.

Job shadowing is when a student makes an appointment with a professional in their career area of interest. It is also a way to examine a career to see if it suits their interest, skills and abilities.

Former student Eric Breniman acknowledged the importance of job shadowing and career counseling. After graduating in May 2002 with a degree in organizational management he is still looking for the right job.

"The biggest mistake I ever made was not using the Career Center when I was a current student." Breniman said. "If I had used the services then I wouldn't be looking for a job now."

Nathan Browning, a senior chemistry major, was not present to witness the groundhog viewing, but also realizes the importance of using the Career Center's services.

Though today was Browning's first visit to the Career Center, he felt confident they would be able to help him find employment.

According to Browning, there are a lot of jobs for chemistry majors; however, in his preferred location of residence there are few jobs available.

" I don't necessarily think it matters that he saw his shadow," Browning said. "But it can't hurt."

Malen emphasized the importance for students to job shadow and explained the event was a way to get students introduced to the idea of job shadowing.

The Career Center provides services such as resume writing and resume critiquing as well as helping students with interviewing skills. They also provide job and internship search workshops and career fair preparation workshops.

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