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Feb 022005
Authors: Collegian Editorial Staff

Today softball starts up for the CSU Rams.

This past weekend, the water polo team participated in its first tournament and won its first-ever career game. The track and field teams and swimming and diving teams have been going strong for several months and are each enjoying successful seasons.

How many students at CSU even knew this?

With the football and volleyball seasons long over, many students have turned their support for Rams athletics to the men's and women's basketball teams. But there are 12 other varsity sports that CSU participates in, and each one is full of athletes who are giving their best to achieve and excel at their respective sports and gain an education.

They all work just as hard as players in the more popular sports, but they get none of the props. With the exception of the Collegian, none of the other local media outlets cover the lesser-known varsity sports, and the Collegian doesn't even give the teams the coverage they deserve.

Students and faculty should support all of the players on CSU's varsity teams. And it's not hard to do, either. If you've ever been to a women's softball game, or seen a swimming and diving meet, you know that they can be just as fun as watching the football team play, especially when the football team got creamed by the likes of the Air Force and Brigham Young this year.

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